Notifications and the subscription feed will always be free and without advertising.

We have four planned revenue streams:

  • Tips: A quick way to support creators for their work. You purchase tips from us and can use that balance on content you enjoy. Sending a tip opens a direct message with the creator, in which you can see if they respond to tips: E.G: "Responds to 100% of tips over $5".
  • Notify Pro ($4.99/month): First level premium model. Access to "Shows", a feature that allows you to professionally present a web show, podcast or any content in a series, and connect it with other creators on Notify. New subscribers of theirs would also subscribe to your show. Among other creator features such as channel managers, extended analytics, custom redirect screens and more.
  • Notify Discover ($9.99/month): Includes Pro features, but allows the creator's content to appear on our discover page. Discover is organised by category, depending on the majority subscribed categories of the viewer, Discover will present new content to the viewer in those categories. There is no algorithm behind discovery, other than equally distributing traffic between new content in each category.
  • Merchandise: During launch period, "founder packs" will be available in different tiers via our shop. This will include, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, stickers a custom badge on your Notify channel. Additionally a permanent credit on our team / about page.
  • Ad campaigns on Discover for brands and businesses. (future possibility)

We are planning to raise venture capital after a steady launch.