This is why I believe that Notify has the power to make a considerable dent in the world of digital entertainment.

There's a lot of people competing for the spotlight on social media. Creators, brands, even mainstream television and news outlets want a slice of the traffic. Oversaturation leads us to rely on complex algorithms to recommend content. If we like it, we hit subscribe; expecting to receive more of that content when it is available. It should be a simple concept, but somehow it has become the lowest priority in the eyes of most platforms.

If you're on YouTube, you've heard it. "Notifications are broken", "My video didn't hit sub-boxes". An endless supply of Tweets and videos from both viewers and creators complaining about this issue can be found from a simple keyword search– it's been this way for years. Nothing is changing anytime soon, because in the eyes of the platforms, it doesn't need to. Revenue is generated by high value content, not high quality content.

The solution at a glance is straight forward: a simple app that allows creators to send out notifications that link directly to their content, on any platform.

However the potential spans far beyond the problem that sparked the idea– think back to email newsletters. The raw concept of subscribing to something; its never been perfect. Email has always been dominated by spam, involuntarily sold to third parties, and push notifications aren't much better either. You essentially subscribe to the platform, not the creator. There's a reason why people hate notifications, because 99% of them are junk, and I believe it's down to a lack of control.

If viewers have to download an app just to receive notifications, there has to be value and incentive in it for them. From here, I took my idea and expanded on it.

Here's my vision–

You will use Notify to subscribe to anything. Content creators, news outlets, TV shows, podcasts, musical artists, company newsletters.

Our app will give you unprecedented control over that content, filtering through content like a TV guide to the internet, managing as many subscriptions as you see fit. You decide exactly who is able to Notify you.

Creators will have an untouchable, centralised following, not subject to algorithmic change or the unpredictability of social media.

Five months ago... (to be continued, I have a lot of work to do– for now enjoy this draft)